Curated Content - Builds Film Sites for Key Cast and Crew

Curated Content builds unique "stand alone" (private - password protected) film production portals and websites for feature films to be utilized by key cast and crew.

Feature films include:

"Salt" (2010) starring Angelina Jolie, directed by Phillip Noyce. (Extensive linked thru site edited for public view (links disabled) 

"Amelia" (2009) starring Hillary Swank, directed by Mira Nair. (Edited for public view)

"The Last Face" (2016) (FilmHaven) starring Charlize Theron, directed by Sean Penn

"Politics of Love" (2011) (Nuclear Mango Films) 

"Mary Queen of Scots" (2018) (preproduction with previous director)

"Andrew Jackson" (preproduction research)

Services rendered:

We create a stand along web page which contains all the research, location photographs, reference links, video shot as reference, storyboards all in script order. 

Invaluable for directors, producers, actors who are on set, or on location, or scouting location and they want to access the story boards, the script, the background research, the location photographs - everything that helps them to realize the vision of the film.

Helps prevent preproduction arguments

We provide access to historical data with regard to script, either the historical basis for the story, or background research that might help others realize the story. All content is done with input from the creative team, photos and content are approved by department heads.

Site provides photos of actual locations versus imagined locations versus available locations.

Like having a library just for the film at your fingertips.
Actors, Directors, Producers can use their smart phone to access any aspect of production from the story boards to training footage.

"The website is brilliant."  Angelina Jolie on "Salt."
Photograph of Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (Photo: Wikimedia)
"I used the site every day."  Hilary Swank on "Amelia."

File:Hilary Swank face1.jpg
Hilary Swank (Photo: Wikimedia)

Interactive, real time updates, usable on any cell phone or ipad, links to character studies, film reports - everything that has to do with production.  

"An easier way for a Director/Writer/Producer to access all the updates in real time, but from the use of his/her smart phone or ipad device, as well as a place to work out new ideas without having to go on location scouts."  

A novel way for actors to access character background and information all in one place.

(On "Salt" Thai advisor sent training exercises that the main actor was able to access while training in Berlin on another film. On "Amelia" the main actress was able to view footage of the scene as it occurred decades earlier, being able to compare costume, voice and other aspects.)

"Your website and research were enormously helpful to key cast and crew. You were one of a handful who watched and commented without fail on absolutely all the rushes and script changes... you maintained a flow of information for me with Angie and the other lead actors. You consistently supported my creative vision for the film. Thank you."  Phillip Noyce

Phillip Noyce (Photo: Kimberly Hunt)
Other references available upon request:

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