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Curated Content is pleased to announce completion of building a film production portal and website for two feature films:

"Amelia" starring Hillary Swank, directed by Mira Nair.

"Salt" starring Angelina Jolie, directed by Phillip Noyce.

The services rendered:

Creating a stand along web page which contains all the research, location photographs, reference links, video shot as reference, storyboards all in script order. Interactive, real time updates, usable on any cell phone or ipad, links to character studies, film reports - everything that has to do with production.  An easier way for a Director to access all the updates in real time, but from the use of his smart phone or ipad device, as well as a place to work out new ideas without having to go on location scouts.  A novel way for actors to access character background and information all in one place.

References available upon request:

Curatedcontent at gmail

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